Our Story





INK. A little known word for coffee.

Coined in 1582 by a German physician who, while traveling in Aleppo, was served the dark brew and described the foreign liquid as, “black as ink”.

A WELL, dating back to primeval days, was crucial to a town’s survival. It was the hub of the community, a gathering place- not unlike today’s pub or local coffee shop.

Fast forward to 1988, on a starlit evening in June. Jim, recently home from the mission field of Sri Lanka, asked Angel on a first date. It was then they fell in love over a piping, hot cappuccino at a funky coffee house in NJ called, The Ink Well.

The Jersey Ink Well is going as strong today as its humble beginnings in the 60’s. And for us, now living in the pristine White Mountains, we seek to build a similar legacy.

We want The InkWell in Littleton to be more than just a place to grab an exceptional coffee or tea.

We want our coffee house to be your coffee home.

A place to connect...

        relax, unwind...

        feel the warmth...

        to simply be.

And, if you happen to find love while sipping a cappuccino...

well, we’d understand completely!


Here’s to Drinking in Every Moment-

Jim and Angel Anan